We made ocean
waste (and passion)
our raw material

Let's talk dirty
1. Giving waste a new life

2. Material assembly

Our partners directly at the source, collect ocean waste, beach rubbish, and discarded flip-flops before they are separated, cleaned, shredded, and pressed together to create colourful sheets. Those make the unique layer in the middle of our sandals. And the best bit is, that each pair of Nuos holds around 5 old pairs or 500g worth of flip-flop waste.

The sheets go to our manufacturer in Spain where the Nuos are assembled using other recycled materials. The outsoles are made from recycled EVA, the straps of the NuOG from discarded fishing nets, and we use recycled, vegan leather for the NuO2 model. We also use recycled sustainable cork and a special, cushioned footbed for extra comfort.

Say Ahoy'
3. Handling & distribution

Every step counts
4. End of life cycle

You receive your Nuos from our partner company which provides safe workspaces for people with disabilities. Once you unpack and put on your pair, feel free to tag us @nuoceansltd - we'd love to see how they look on you.

Every pair of Nuos we make is made to last. They’re designed to be durable and fight further ocean pollution. But once they reach the end of their life, we've got you covered. We’ll take back your worn-out pair and recycle them again to ensure they never contribute to ocean or any other form of pollution.

plan in progress
And this is how it looks like

'We take it back!'
never sounded so good

• Grab your worn-out Nuos
Find your nearest recollection point online
• Pack your Nuos in the return box
• Say 'bye for now'
• We'll do the rest (for free of course)
• Get a 15% discount on your next purchase

No pair gets left behind. To ensure that our Nuos don't ever end up floating in the ocean again like lost soles, we’ll take back your worn-out pair and even give you a discount on your next purchase.

We’re working on the finer points of the recollection plan right now so we can launch it soon. In the meantime, make sure you take good care of your solemate and we’ll keep you posted.